HEAT PAX™ Air Activated 24+ Hour Body Warmer – (40 Units)


  • HEAT PAX™ contents: Iron, activated carbon, vermiculite, water and salt
  • Simple and easy to use, non toxic, no shaking or baking required
  • 24+ hours of continuous heat
  • Heating can be suspended at any time by resealing the inserts in an airtight container
  • Available in packs of 40 (#5541) and cases of 240 (#5542)
  • Average Temperature: 54°C (130°F) Maximum: 68°C (155°F) Minimum: 40°C (104°F)
  • Guaranteed to work or Warmer will be replaced
  • Item #5541
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HEAT PAX™ 24+ Hour Body Warmers are convenient, easy to use and a great source of steady heat for the body. Simply tear open the package and expose the Warmer to air to start the heating process, no need to shake. Placing the Warmer into the pocket of a jacket, pants or inside a glove will provide over 24 hours of heat. HEAT PAX™ Warmers can also be used as ‘Shipping Warmers’ because 24+ hours of heat is ideal for keeping temperature sensitive items warm during transportation. During proper use, the Warmer will maintain an average temperature of 54°C (130°F) and maximum temperature of 68°C (155°F) ensuring steady heat. Heating can be suspended any time by re-sealing the Warmer into an airtight container. Additional 24+ Hour Body Warmers available in packs of 240 (#5542)


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